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Marble: stone born of a metamorphic process; formed from base rock layers added steadily over time, transformed by heat and pressure into something unique and resilient; honed by craftsmen and appreciated for its versatile beauty.

Latest release from Marble City, the first in the Zombies v. Ninjas series by R.A. Barnes, now available on Amazon.

Zombies v Ninja Cover MEDIUM WEB

The dead are coming alive on an island in the North Atlantic Ocean. A bullet isn’t going to stop them. They feel no pain.

Flesh-eating walkers have been taking sheep and cattle from the fields. A minor inconvenience until someone, or something, starts to organize them.

A force of pure evil, building an army of undead offspring, planning the end of mankind.

Only the ninjas are suitably skilled to identify the undead, understand them and cut off their heads. So few against so many.

Will the human race survive?

Featuring Ruby Barnes, John Baptist and D.I. Andy McAuliffe.

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