New Release – The Argentinian Virgin by Jim Williams

e-book cover for The Argentinian Virgin by Jim Williams

Marble City Publishing is proud to announce the 30th April e-book launch of Jim Williams’ romantic mystery The Argentinian Virgin, available immediately on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple (with other stores to follow).

The Argentinian Virgin is a sensuous novel of erotic fantasy, obsession, jealousy and betrayal set in the dreamlike atmosphere of a Riviera summer in wartime.

Her lips burn with chillies and she smokes a cigar.

Her breath is my narcotic.

Her scent is of cloves, of night fevers and spent seed.

What man could resist the Argentinian Virgin?

What woman could bear her horror?

Summer 1941. France is occupied by the Germans but the United States is not at war. Four glamorous young Americans find themselves whiling away the hot days in the boredom of a small Riviera town, while in a half-abandoned mansion nearby, Teresa and Katerina Malipiero, a mother and daughter, wait for Señor Malipiero to complete his business in the Reich and take them home to Argentina.

The plight of the women attracts the sympathy of ‘Lucky’ Tom Rensselaer and he is seduced by the beauty of Katerina. Tom has perfect faith in their innocence, yet they cannot explain why a sinister Spaniard has been murdered in their home and why Tom must help them dispose of the body without informing the police.

Watching over events is Pat Byrne, a young Irish writer. Twenty years later, when Tom has been reduced from the most handsome, admired and talented man of his generation to a derelict alcoholic, Pat sets out to discover the facts of that fateful summer: the secrets that were hidden and the lies that were told. It is a shocking truth: a tale of murder unpunished and a good man destroyed by those who loved him most.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and other e-bookstores.

Media kit available here.

New Release – Tango in Madeira by Jim Williams

Our first release of  the year, Tango in Madeira by Booker Prize nominated author Jim Williams, is a romantic, mysterious and witty story of life, love and death on an exotic island. Now available in mobi/Kindle e-book and paperback on Amazon dot com and Amazon UK, e-pub on Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore and  Kobo, and coming soon on other internet stores including Sony and Diesel.

Available on Amazon

Now available

Atmospheric, sensual and evocative, a murder mystery set in the 1930s. Skillfully written, amusing, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Tango in Madeira

A disillusioned soldier looks for love. An exiled Emperor fears assassination. Agatha Christie takes a holiday. And George Bernard Shaw learns to tango.

In the aftermath of World War I, Michael Pinfold a disillusioned ex-soldier tries to rescue his failing family wine business on the island of Madeira. In a villa in the hills the exiled Austrian Emperor lives in fear of assassination by Hungarian killers, while in Reid’s Hotel, a well-known lady crime novelist is stranded on her way to South Africa and George Bernard Shaw whiles away his days corresponding with his friends, writing a one act play and learning to tango with the hotel manager’s spouse.

A stranger, Robinson, is found murdered and Michael finds himself manipulated into investigating the crime by his sinister best friend, Johnny Cardozo, the local police chief, with whose wife he is pursuing an arid love affair; manipulated, too, by Father Flaherty, a priest with dubious political interests, and by his own eccentric parent, who claims to have been part of a comedy duo that once entertained the Kaiser with Jewish jokes. Will Michael find love? Will the Emperor escape his would-be killers? Will any of the characters learn the true meaning of the tango?

Here are a few choice quotes from Tango in Madeira to give a taste of Jim’s style:

From the ship’s rail I watched Madeira rise, green and improbable, out of the morning and a quiet sea.

‘The Emperor Karl is a descendant of Jesus Christ,’ said Pennyweight with the confidence of the amiably mad.

The English, when abroad, address foreigners by speaking more loudly and slowly, exaggerating the very points that make them incomprehensible,

For my part I think I might have behaved better if I’d been able to translate self-knowledge into action. But of all dark arts, learning from experience is the most esoteric.

I wondered if he had been a friend when I knew so little of him. Perhaps he was. I’d taken his wife, which seemed to be the hallmark of my friendship.

Believe me: as a human being I loved him: he was as fine and good-hearted a man as ever lived. But nothing much was to be expected of someone whose notion of happiness was to dance with his wife.

About Jim Williams

Jim Williams first hit the news when his early novels had the uncanny knack of coming true. The Hitler Diaries was published nine months before the celebrated forgery came out in 1983. Farewell to Russia dealt with a nuclear disaster in the Soviet Union months before the Chernobyl disaster. Lara’s Child, his sequel to Doctor Zhivago, provoked an international literary scandal and led to his being a guest speaker at the Cheltenham Festival. Scherzo, a witty and elegant mystery set in eighteenth century Venice, was nominated for the Booker Prize. All of his fiction has been published internationally. Tango in Madeira is his eleventh novel.

Come and Tango in Madeira

On 15th April Marble City will issue its first 2013 release – Tango in Madeira by the Booker Prize nominated author Jim Williams. Just a few days are left open on the pre-release Goodreads Giveaway – 2 paperback copies of this murder mystery set on the exotic Portugues island of Madeira. The book cover has an Art Deco feel that reflects the cultured 1930s setting of the novel.

Tango in Madeira by Jim Williams

Reviewers please contact for review copies.

Competition closing date approaches – 15th April

Just a few days left until the Multi-Story competition for inclusion in MCP’s Knife Edge anthology closes on 15th April 2013. £450 first prize, winner and runners up will be published in the anthology. Crime / thriller / mystery / suspense stories of between 500 and 2500 words should be submitted via

Good luck!

Knife Edge - a crime, mystery & suspense anthology

The Hitler Diaries – 2013

Cover for The Hitler Diaries by Jim Williams

Marble City Publishing is proud to announce it will publish the 2013 revision of The Hitler Diaries in May 2013. This prophetic thriller was first published by Jim Williams under the pen name Richard Hugo. The Hitler Diaries has been completely revised by the author and digitised by MCP for the 21st century. Available in e-book and paperback from 15th May 2013.

The Hitler Diaries

A stunning literary prophecy!  The international bestseller that caused a sensation when it was published 9 months before the famous Hitler Diaries forgery scandal.

A French aristocrat and his mistress are murdered.  A mysterious businessman offers the Fuehrer’s diaries to a new York publishing house.  Are they a hoax or a record of terrifying truth?  A controversial historian and his beautiful assistant are commissioned to find out the answer following a trail that draws them into a terrifying web of conspiracy and slaughter as competing forces fight to publish or suppress Hitler’s account of the War and of secret negotiations with his enemies.

But are the Diaries genuine or just a plot to destabilise contemporary politics?  A shattering revision of history whose revelation must be prevented at all costs:  or a fake, just a sinister manoeuvre in the Cold War?

If the Hitler Diaries are authentic, then who left the bunker alive?


The Hitler Diaries

“…steadily builds up an impressive atmosphere of menace.”

Times Literary Supplement

“…well written and full of suspense.”

Glasgow Herald

“…the quality of the storytelling is exceptionally high.”

Hampstead and Highgate Express


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