Three further Jim Williams titles for Marble City

We are delighted to announce that a further three of Jim Williams’ titles will be published by Marble City in the coming months:

  • Scherzo,: Murder & Mystery in 18th Century Venice;
  • The Strange Death of a Romantic: a World War II Murder Mystery;
  • Recherch√©: A Vampire Murder Mystery.

First up will be Scherzo, due for release September 2013. Here’s a preview of the cover:

Cover for Scherzo by Jim Williams

MEET two unusual detectives. Ludovico – a young man who has had his testicles cut off for the sake of opera. And Monsieur Arouet – a fraudster, or just possibly the philosopher Voltaire.

VISIT the setting. Carnival time in mid-18th century Venice, a city of winter mists, and the season of masquerade and decadence.

ENCOUNTER a Venetian underworld of pimps, harlots, gamblers, forgers and charlatans.

BEWARE of a mysterious coterie of aristocrats, Jesuits, Freemasons and magicians.

DISCOVER a murder: that of the nobleman, Sgr Alessandro Molin, found hanging from a bridge with his guts hanging out and a message in code from his killer.

Scherzo is a murder mystery of sparkling vivacity and an historical novel of stunning originality told with a wit and style highly praised by critics and nominated for the Booker Prize.