New Release – Edge of Passion anthology

Marble City is delighted to announce the publication of our 2014 anthology Edge of Passion. Congratulations to the competition winners and many thanks to the Marble City guest authors who have contributed to this world class collection. Edge of Passion is available at Amazon in e-book and paperback editions.

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Edge of Passion: An Anthology of Crime, Mystery, Suspense and Romance stories

An anthology of twenty-one crime, mystery, suspense and romance stories from nineteen authors, including Emmy-nominated John Goldsmith and Booker-nominated Jim Williams.

This global collection of short stories from 400 to 7000 words covers everything from crime fiction to romantic suspense and historical mystery.

Authors: John Goldsmith, Jim Williams, Jeremy Hinchliff, John Holland, Gerry McCullough, Alexandar Altman, R.A. Barnes, Maura Barrett, Eileen Condon, Mary Healy, Susan Howe, Damon King, Mary Mitchell, Jeanne O’Dwyer, Michael Rumsey, Valerie Ryan, Dennis Thompson, Catherine Tynan and T. West.


La Morvandelle by John Goldsmith – from rabbit stew to alien abduction

Diodati by Jim Williams – of poets and monsters

The Sand Students by Jeremy Hinchliff – a feud on shifting sands

The Book by John Holland – the librarian takes liberties

Harvey’s Lucky Day by Gerry McCullough – some say we make our own luck

The Quiet Room by Alexandar Altman – overdosed on love

Heirloom by R.A. Barnes – a deadly pact

Son of Angus by Maura Barrett – a summer of mystic love

The Red Scarf by Eileen Condon – unrequited love in the countryside

Braille of Brocade by Mary Healy – discovering inner beauty

The Five Loves of Frank by Jeremy Hinchliff – you’re not The One

Two of a Kind by Susan Howe – a torrent of love

Mr Mystery by Damon King – the dangers of internet dating

That’s Enough! by Mary Mitchell – a disobedient husband

Book Lovers by Jeanne O’Dwyer – reading between the lines

Coaster Nights by Michael Rumsey – the grass is always greener

Spilled Wine by Damon King – is it better to have loved and lost?

One for the Road by Valerie Ryan – raise a glass to the happy couple

Terminal Vengeance by Dennis Thompson – the gentler sex prevails

Him by Catherine Tynan – he can’t be avoided forever

Phantasmagoria by T. West – visiting old haunts

Edge of Passion is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback editions.

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Marble City signs John Goldsmith

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We are delighted to announce the imminent publication of Twelve Curious Deaths in France by John Goldsmith. A novel-length collection of stories, this is a new release for John who is a bestselling author and Emmy-nominated screenwriter.


John was born in London in 1947 and educated at Winchester, where he won the Queen’s Gold Medal for English Verse, and the University of Aix-Marseille (Diplome de langue et lettres Francaises.). At the age of 21 he sold his first novel, Mrs. Mount, Ascendant, to Leonard Woolf at the Hogarth Press. He subsequently worked for Hogarth/Chatto & Windus as a part-time reader and editor while breaking into TV by contributing episodes to the action-adventure series The Protectors.

After a short stretch in business he returned to full-time writing with the publication of his second novel, The Icing of Balthazar, in 1977, and a script for the cult sci-fi series Space, 1999. He also took on freelance editing work, with Edna Healy’s Lady Unknown, Sir John Gielgud’s An Actor And His Time, and the art historian Roger Hinx’s acclaimed Gymnasium of the Mind. He gave up this sort of work in 1986 having reached the summit of Sir Stephen Spender’s Journals. During this period he also contributed scripts to vintage British TV series including The New Avengers, The Return of the Saint and The Professionals.

In film and television, since the late 1980’s he has concentrated on historical subjects (Catherine The Great; Kings In Grass Castles; Paradise Found; A Bear Named Winnie; La Belle Otero ), classic adaptations (Great Expectations; The Old Curiosity Shop; David Copperfield; Kidnapped) and Biblical epics (In The Beginning; Mary Mother of Jesus; The Gospel of John). He started writing for the American market in 1987 with The Disney Channel’s thirteen-hour swashbuckler Return To Treasure Island.

He has published three other novels, including his child of shame, the airport bookstall blockbuster Bullion (1982). He has also published numerous children’s books.

His TV documentary Mrs Livingstone, I Presume won the Silver Award at the New York International Film and TV Festival. His feature adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Danny, Champion Of The World was nominated for an ACE in the writing category and won the award for Childrens’ Programming 9+, picking up five more awards in various festivals and countries. His Waltz Through The Hills picked up numerous awards, including the 1988 Australian Pater Award. As writer, he was nominated for an Emmy in 1998-99 for The Island On Bird Street and the movie itself won Best Picture in its category. His critically acclaimed mini series Victoria & Albert was nominated for Best Mini Series at Banff in 2002. His Gospel of John won the Templeton Foundation Epiphany Award in 2003. In 2005 he was nominated for a Gemini Award for A Bear Named Winnie.

In 1978 he published the best-selling Voyage In The Beagle, an account of the re-enactment of Darwin’s famous voyage in which he served as a crew member of the replica ship that featured in the BBC series The Voyage of Charles Darwin. Darwin resurfaced in his 2008 movie Darwin’s Darkest Hour.

His current projects include a feature on Mao Zedong, China Skies, a stage musical based on David Copperfield, an operabased on The Epic of Gilgamesh, a feature set in Australia, To The Bitter End, and a feature adaptation of Dante’s Inferno.

He is married and lives in Hampstead. His only son was killed in a car crash in France in 2005.

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