The Cold War Just Got Colder

Anti-Soviet Activities is the second Cold War thriller from Booker-nominated Jim Williams. A large helping of thrills for a special offer price of $0.99 / £0.99 / €0.99 on Amazon until September 7th.

Anti-Soviet Activities by Jim Williams

Some Amazon reviewers’ thoughts:

Heart Stopping, Gripping, Thrill ride of intrigue!! Won’t be able to put it down!

The Kirov novels are enthralling. Well written, perceptive characterizations, and revealing historical information.

“Exquisite writing”

“Real taste of Soviet Russia”

And the book description:

For Colonel Pyotr Andreevitch Kirov there is only one inescapable truth in modern Russia – if the old order does not change, it is impossible to bury the past.

When Kirov’s routine investigation into black market antibiotics is linked to the former head of the KGB – and Kirov himself is put under investigation by his own men – the course for collision is set.

As the old and new factions in the Soviet machine grapple for power, the stock in trade is the hardest currency known to the Socialist Republic … murder. Will Mikhail Gorbachev share the same fate?

Anti-Soviet Activities is the second of Jim Williams’s astonishingly prophetic novels about the decline and fall of the Soviet Union.


On offer at Amazon until 7th September.

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