The Hitler Diaries by Jim Williams

Are the diaries genuine or fake?

Are the diaries genuine or fake?

A stunning literary prophecy. The international bestseller that caused a sensation when it was published nine months before the Hitler Diaries forgery scandal.

A French aristocrat and his mistress are murdered.

A mysterious businessman offers the Fuehrer’s diaries to a New York publishing house. Are they a hoax or a record of terrifying truth?

A controversial historian and his beautiful assistant are commissioned to find out the answer. Together they follow a trail that draws them into a terrifying web of conspiracy and slaughter. Competing forces fight to publish or suppress Hitler’s account of the War and secret negotiations with his enemies.

Are the Diaries a genuine and shattering revision of history, whose revelation must be prevented? Or are they a forged, sinister attempt to destabilise contemporary Cold War politics?

If the Hitler Diaries are authentic, then who left the bunker alive?

2013 revision of the original (Jim Williams writing as Richard Hugo) with afterword explanation by the author of the Hitler Diaries forgery scandal.

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