Koobi Fora by R.A. Barnes

Cover for Koobi Fora: The Crucible Part 1 by R. A. Barnes

Thomas Blackwood is a shadow, working for a covert organisation that dispenses justice on a grand scale. Twisted by personal tragedy, he has no hesitation wiping out his nominated targets.

Greg Marshall is an inventor, a man with a revolutionary solution to future energy needs. When the mercenary Thomas steals his identity, Greg becomes embroiled in an adventure of global corruption, conspiracy and religious fervour. The United States of Europe plan a mass emigration to Africa and no one will stand in their way.

A collusion of terrifying proportions, with echoes of Clancy and le Carré, Koobi Fora will change forever your view of First World intervention in Africa, the cradle of human life.

Koobi Fora is available on Amazon

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