Farewell to Russia by Jim Williams

A Pyotr Kirov detective novel

A Pyotr Kirov detective novel

The unthinkable has happened at the Soviet nuclear plant at Sokolskoye. An accident of such terrifying proportions, of such catastrophic ecological and political consequence that a curtain of silence is drawn ominously over the incident. Major Pyotr Kirov of the KGB is appointed to extract the truth from the treacherous minefield of misinformation and intrigue and to obtain from the West the technology essential to prevent further damage. But the vital equipment is under strict trade embargo…

And in London, George Twist, head of a company which manufactures the technology, is on the verge of bankruptcy and desperate to win the illegal contract. Can he deliver on time? Will he survive a frantic smuggling operation across the frozen wastes of Finland? Can he wrong-foot the authorities … and his own conscience? Is it possible to say farewell to Russia?

Farewell to Russia is the first of Jim Williams’s astonishingly prophetic novels about the decline and fall of the Soviet Union. Now available on Amazon.

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